10 Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Online Store

In the digital world, if your business does not have an online presence, then you may be losing out on a lot of sales. Your competitors have already understood the importance of digital media and have turned their focus towards it to increase their business revenues. However, will a website or an online store help your business gain more traffic or generate more revenue? Unless your target audience is aware that your business brand exists, you cannot gain traffic on your website. You need to implement some smart ways to attract the attention of your target audience to your online store. So how will you do it?

Here are some of the most interesting ways in which you can attract a large number of customers to your online store and thus improve your business revenue.

#1 Ensure That Your Online store Is Attractive:

Online Store Template

One of the most important things to take care of about your online store is its appearance. When you present your products/commodities in a properly organized format in the online store, it will be easier for the customers to navigate through it and check all the products. When the website interface is user-friendly, it would be easier for visitors to browse through your store. Just imagine you are visiting an online store but find out that the products are not categorized. There are no proper labels, no clear product images, no description. All these things will frustrate the customers because, for finding one thing, they are searching the entire website. No visitor or customer would like to visit such an online store for the second time. They would abandon the online store on their first visit. Thus, you need to ensure that the website is well-designed if you want to attract more visitors.

#2 Run Online Competitions:

This is a fun way to capture the attention of your target audience and spread awareness regarding your business brand. But ensure that you keep the competitions with some purpose to connect your business with your target audience. For instance, you cannot run a contest for pet products when you sell clothes and apparel for kids. With the help of an online contest, you can provide maximum brand exposure to the audience and build a strong customer community. People would take part in the competition to win prizes or discount coupons.

#3 Write Blog Content To Attract The Attention Of Your Audience:

Online Store Blog

If people read your blogs and find them interesting, make sure you add various products to the blog. When visitors visit the website to read your blogs, they will like the products and services you offer. Through your blogs, you can easily promote the products and services of your business brand. Blogs can provide the product details and help the customers know about them. They also indirectly encourage the visitors to check out the products. In this way, you could redirect the people who follow your blog to the online store section. This is not a quick fix but an SEO strategy or a digital marketing approach in which you will have to write product-targeted content. This content should be very authoritative and must draw the interest of the customers. It is an organic way to increase the traffic on the online stores. So if you want to increase high-quality traffic on the online stores, one of the best and most effective ways is to have blog content.

#4 Create Social Media Presence:

Although you have blog content to direct the traffic to the online stores, here is yet another way to attract customers to your online stores — through social media. Social media plays an effective role in directing traffic to websites. You can use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. You can advertise your products and services on social media pages and increase the authenticity of your business brand. As the number of people who view your posts on social media increase, you will have an increase in online stores visitors as well. All you have to do is choose the right social media platform for your brand and then start following the right marketing strategy. Through social media platforms, you can not just redirect the customers to your website/online store, but also create stories regarding your business. When people know about your business, they will find it reliable and have the urge to buy from your business brand.

#5 Try Referral Marketing Program For Your Business:

Have you ever tried a referral program to customers for your online store? Using a referral marketing program is one of the most effective ways to attract customers to your online store. Through this method, you cater to the existing customers and ask them to refer your business to their friends and family. You can provide incentives or discounts to the old customers whenever their friends or family purchase from the online store. Whenever this method is adopted by businesses, it helps in increasing the traffic to the online store and increases sales.

#6 You can Provide Incentives For The First Online Purchase:

When visitors come to your website, they will not just directly purchase from the e-commerce website. They will need time to develop confidence that the business is trustworthy. So if you want your customers to get to your online store and make their first purchase, then you should make their very first purchase special. It will encourage many others to do the same. You can provide incentives or discounts to the customers who wish to buy from your online store.

Sometimes, customers visit the online store, add the products to the cart or wishlist and then abandon the online store. You must identify what is stopping them from making the purchase. While getting to know their issues, you can eliminate the glitch that so many other online store visitors must also be facing.

#7 Opt For Email Marketing:

We usually neglect e-mail marketing for digital marketing. Some observe that many businesses and brands are just trying to gain customers through social media or other organic approaches. E-mail marketing is not just affordable but also a very effective way in which you can attract customers to online stores. People are not using e-mail marketing because they are not sure how to apply e-mail marketing efficiently. When you are sending out emails to your existing customers or new customers, you expect almost 54 to 60 percent of the people to show a positive response to it. A survey found that people remember the e-mails they have received from the online stores regarding discounts and coupon codes. These emails encourage many customers to visit online stores and make purchases. This will not just increase the traffic to your online store but will also help in improving the business sales.

Here are some ideas that you can use for working out for e-mail marketing:

  • You can send out e-mails about new products describing what they would get in the new arrival section.
  • You can send out e-mails regarding promo codes and coupon codes customers can use while making the purchases.
  • You can send e-mails about recommended products, based upon the previous purchases of the customers. It will encourage the customers to not just visit the online store to check out the new products and purchase them.
  • Send out professional e-mails to the customers or clients who haven’t visited the online store for a very long time. We should design the e-mails in such a way so that they feel encouraged to revisit the online store.

This is one of the effective ways in which you can attract your customers to the online store. All you need to do is to be creative and get the customers to your online store.

#8 Holding A Sale For Your Online Store:

This is usually a long-term strategy that will help you retain old customers and gain new ones without putting in much effort. When you are holding a sale in your online store, you are attracting many visitors because you provide the customers what they always want. While you offer a discount to the customers, you will notice an increase in the number of customers you are getting on your online store while the sale is ongoing. You will understand the huge inflow of traffic with such small activities. It will not just help your website to get more recognition, but also gain good revenue for the business. You can spread the news about the online store sale on various social media platforms and reach out to the deal hunters. They will be the first ones to get to your online store and make the purchases as well. People also keep telling others about the best deals they have received through the sale, and you can improve the business branding and gain traffic.

#9 Developing Partnership With The Online Portals:

This is something, not all the online stores would follow because it requires developing a long-term partnership with various online portals that can help them get direct/ organic traffic to the website. While building a partnership, your brand must need the support of an already established brand and then promote the products. Besides, choose a partner that is not your competitor and is also highly effective in providing you with recent visitors for your online business. The partner websites can easily put up a banner and then redirect the inflow of the website visitors to the online store. In return for this favor, pay money to the partner’s website (a percentage of the revenue that is generated from the clients that are coming from the partner website).

Something similar to this, you can try out influencer marketing as well. You can choose the best influencers suited for your niche online store. Then take their help in promoting your products and getting a huge flow of customers to the online store.

#10 Paid Advertising:

You can carry out paid advertising with the help of the Google AdWords platform and through social media. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn provide you great opportunities to make use of their paid advertising campaigns and drive the traffic to the website. The important thing that you have to do is to ensure which platform would be the most suitable for you and then start the paid campaign with it.


In the digital era, having an online business is a blessing. However, you need to ensure that you are getting good customers numbers and your business can generate higher revenues. You can follow the aforementioned ways to attract customers to your online store.

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