13 Actionable Steps to Monetize Your Website

One of the questions most website owners ask is this — “how can I earn money from my website”. Some of these website owners have tried different strategies, but no gains to show for it. As a result, they have given up on making money from their website. Making money from a website takes a lot of hard work. The website owner has to be patient and must be persistent. The chances of making money from your website at the first attempt are slim, and so you’ll need patience and persistence.

How Can You Monetize Your Website?

You can make money from your website by following the below actionable steps.

1. Sell merchandise

The retail sector on the internet is an area that is thriving. To open up your online store successfully, you will first need to create a service or product — digital or physical product. If you have a website already for business or hobby, consider a product or service that complements your website’s theme.

Thereafter, just add a store to your site. The store can be operated from anywhere. Handling of transactions like payments, pay-outs, refunds, or fulfilling and managing each order can all be done from one place. To stand out from the lot, personalize a seamless checkout experience.

2. Create a membership site


Create a membership site

This is not complicated. Through creating a membership site, you can increase user engagement while earning a profit. However, you need to always create premium content. Since users will be paying for them, the content should be in-depth and detailed than the free information on offer from other sites.

Think about the kind of content you will be creating before building a membership site. There are different models from which you can select, just be sure to always give your members contents that will make them come back for more.

3. Affiliate marketing

One of the easiest and fastest ways to start making money online is through affiliate marketing. You can do this on your website. To get started, all you need is to register an account with affiliate programs. Once that is done, you then proceed to look for products that will be of benefit to your target audience. Do promotions of these products on your website and in any email list in your possession.

4. Offer consulting services

You can offer consulting services via your website. It offers you an ideal platform through which you can start selling your services. You can begin by getting online scheduling software to help you get appointments from potential clients. Online scheduling software will help you manage all your clients, host Zoom sessions online, and also accept payments.
Additionally, through consulting, you get the chance to establish your specialty and develop new technical skills.

5. Feature sponsored posts

Like other ways to monetize your website, featuring sponsored posts works best when you have focused on increasing the number of users on your website. Basically, sponsored posts are just content from sellers providing products and services that are relevant to all those who visit your site.

Doing product reviews is one way to feature sponsored content on your website. Be sure that whatever information you are providing on any product that is on your website is transparent and honest.

6. Design an online course


online courses

Designing an online course is another way to use your expertise in generating revenue from your website. You get to create online courses which people can pay for. You will not have a problem finding students as virtual classes are on the rise these days.
You should also focus on areas that are of interest to your audience. Be sure that it is something you know about and that will be useful to the needs of your audience.

7. Start a paid newsletter

An exciting way to share your creativity is by launching a paid newsletter. You can do this to monetize your website. To access exclusive content on your website, users can pay a subscription fee so you can send the contents to their email.

Go with a pricing model that you are comfortable with. Start with lower fees when at an early stage of start-up. You can also have limited offers at a fixed price for some of your subscriptions.

8. Try dropshipping

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment platform that you can integrate into your website to get money. Through drop shipping, you get to sell products and services without the worries of managing your inventory. To pass on the sales order, you only need to connect to third-party retailers.

Dropshipping also offers you some flexibility in how you offer your products and services. It allows you to easily change or adjust your merchandise since your options are not limited to what you manufacture or what you have left in storage.

9. Advertise on your website

This is a section that needs no extra introduction. Online ads are almost everywhere, and it is the first choice that comes to mind when you consider monetizing your site.

The simplicity of this model is its best point. All that is required is that you set up the ads on Google AdSense, and you get paid once someone clicks on it. However, you need to ensure that the ads you display are the ones that will perform well with your target audience. The ads on your site need to interest your visitors for it to be profitable. This is because advertisers will only pay you for the number of clicks they get from your website.

10. Do sponsored reviews

Writing a sponsored review that blends with your site’s content is one way through which you can earn money. With sponsored reviews, you don’t need to wait to be paid per click for ads. Just reach out to potential advertisers who may be interested in paying for a sponsored review from you.

11. Write and sell your eBook

Writing an eBook is an investment that has long-term benefits. The potential of making money on a per-sale basis with an eBook is enormous. Also, by writing an eBook, you will be able to develop your ideas further than you would have done with a single post.

12. Accept donations

If the people who visit your website enjoy the contents that you have on, they may be willing to give you money if you ask for it. However, you need to be sure that the content on your website is original and up to date before requesting donations. Asking for donations from your readers will help you cover the short-term expenses of managing your website.

13. ‘Hire me’ page

A tool you can add to your website to bring some extra income for you is the “hire me” page. This tool can be added to other monetization tools on your website. A “Hire me” page is simply a dedicated page that you can use to advertise your skills and talents for hire. You can use this page to inform your audience that they can contact you if they need any services you offer. For example, if you put up a display stating that you are a graphic designer on this page, then your audience can hire you if they need the service of a graphics designer.


If you follow the tips that have been mentioned in this guide, you will be able to earn some money from your website. You need to take into account the nature of your website when following these tips. Your target audience should also be a priority when following any of the tips above. Focus on building a loyal audience before thinking of monetizing your website. You need effort, time, and patience to start earning money from your website.

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