6 Marketing Features An E-Commerce Store Builder Must Offer

Internet and E-commerce supplement each other with the growth of anyone ensuring growth for the other. You are living in a pipe dream if you are unaware of the sheer domination of E-commerce and the Internet in today’s reality. E-commerce is on a marathon run with no signs of flagging and it is this digital overemphasis that is currently underscoring businesses of today. Digitization and globalization have become industry buzzwords. Responsive sites are also giving into mobile apps that have not eluded the observer who does a whole lot of things from shopping and booking flights to buying property online from the convenience of his mobile, tablet et al.

Take the assistance of one of the many E-commerce store builders to bring about an intuitive, compelling and responsive website. Don’t forget to look at the compelling features that your E-commerce store has to offer.

Social Media Sales Channel Integration:

With over 2 billion monthly active users (MAUs), 66% of which visit every single day. One cannot ignore the power of social media & the awareness it creates among the audience. Online store integration is the way to go if you are in for a dynamic, easy-going and rapturous fare that has grabbed every citizen eyeball and every business bottom line. Well, people live to scroll is the new adage of this edge-of-the-seat thrilling fare that we are being subject to.

With so much purchasing going on over social media, every business is vying for online attention that would be foolish otherwise. So bringing in a social media sales channel to your e-commerce store at this point into this game with nervous energy is the highlight of the day. Creating an online presence in the virtual world is secondary while getting a piece of the primary online action is where the businesses ought to be.

Responsive Sites:

M-Commerce is establishing itself with raucous thunder and a subset of E-commerce is taking too much away from mobiles or M-Commerce that has a story to tell of its own. In this mobile-enabled era, nothing goes unnoticed by the mobile, least of all a ready-to-click website.

Multicurrency Online Payment:

With globalization and digitization underway, it would script a glorious chapter in the realm of the internet with a multi-currency e-commerce solution that takes into account the currency of that particular nation and the final product pricing will be visible in the home currency. This nurtures confidence in the e-commerce website, business and products on offer.

Multi-Vendor Capability: 

Multi- Vendor Capability is a great tool to convert your shop into a fully functioning marketplace. The marketplace is the channel where every business owner is conversant with and eyes all products of different categories that make its way across multiple platforms. The market place is responsible for attracting the customers and dealing with all the transactions while third party vendors manage all shipping and consignment details.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Secure payments are validated and processed by accepting or declining the online transaction based on its veracity and the job of the payment gateway is to collect all details of the last transaction that occurred between buyer and seller.

Logistics Integration:

It has been seconded and unanimously hailed with numerous benefits accrued with integrating logistics with e-commerce. Both profess cost reduction that can be had with process enhancements and efficiency through technology and mechanization.

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