6 Mistakes To Avoid Before Creating eStore With Online Store Builder

eCommerce websites are a popular choice for the rising businessmen or entrepreneurs. But some of them commit mistakes that eventually lead to tonnes of modification or them ultimately closing down the online store.

If you’re planning on building an eCommerce website then you’re in the right place. In this article, we have discussed the 6 most common mistakes you should avoid while creating an eCommerce website with online store builders.

Let’s take a look at the 6 common mistakes.

Selecting The Wrong Platform

With hundreds of online store builders out there, the chances of you landing on the wrong platform are higher than ever. By the wrong platform we mean the eStore builders that may not be the right fit for your requirements.

Supposedly, if you do not know how to code and you bought a plan for a platform that requires you to code then you can land yourself in trouble.

So, selecting the right platform that fulfills your every need is very important for building a successful eCommerce website.

Poor Images & Description

Even though you’re not making an image gallery or photography website, still using HD images is important for your eCommerce store.

It’s true that pictures speak 1000 words but in the world of online stores, description matters too! If your product descriptions are sluggish, clustered, poorly formatted and/or giving out poor information then you’re doing it wrong.

Using poor quality images & bad descriptions can leave you with poor sales.

Lack Of A Plan

We are sorry to break it to you but some of you start working on your eStore, day in & day out, only to find out later that you’ve been doing it wrong.

Yes, that’s true. Most of the eCommerce stores close down in the first 6 months because of the same reason. You need to make an extensive plan so that you do not burn out early on.

Unclear Call-To-Action

Your every web page should contain powerful yet simple call-to-actions. CTAs direct customers to take actions that could be as simple as to download something or to make a purchase.

Some examples of CTAs are “Buy Now”, “Sign Up & Get Discount Codes”, “Discover More”.

However, some businesses use CTAs in the wrong places or utilize poor CTAs. This radically affects how customers take action & ultimately the sales.

Not Giving Website Content Enough Priority

Another mistake people make while creating an eCommerce website is to not give website content priority. All they can think of is products. But your website content can make your customers trust make or break.

Website content does not only include textual information but graphics too. You can use photographers, content writers, video editors, etc to create striking website content.

You can also hire a copywriter who will optimize your web content to its fullest potential. Copywriting is a skill that can make your sales skyrocket! So, be open to optimize your website content.

Plan, Plan & Plan!

Another grieving mistake people make is to spend weeks, and even months in just planning. Some of these people get tired and leave their dream of building an eCommerce website.

Instead of planning for months, you should lay down your requirements, business model, hire professionals to help you, and get going! Remember, the more you delay, the more money you will lose and you’re not planning to build an online store for that.

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