7 Must Have Features For Your E-Commerce Websites

Having an ecommerce store is one of the most essential part of any business today online shopping has become a major part of everyone’s life these days. The end goal of every business is to increase overall sales and fulfill customer needs and satisfaction.

Shopping on an online store must be seamless and enjoyable for every prospective buyer. It is highly important to make the experience fast, secure, visually appealing and innovative features.

We have listed below these must have features that will attract a prospective buyer to make a purchase and be a repeat buyer.

Security: For every online store owner, security is of utmost importance. Every customer requires security for all the information provided by them. All hosting has to be completely secure. Every visitor must be authenticated. Personal information of the users should be kept secure at all times. Users make payments and the security must be upto mark so that they can trust the website to make payments.

Special Offers: The Ecommerce industry is very fast and to get ahead of the competitors, it is essential to offer them unique deals and discounts that they cannot refuse. The ecommerce portal should be able to provide for such offers create deals of the day. These deals and discounts can be regulated through the admin panel of the website portal. It is one of the best way to increase sales and discounts and offers have huge impact on the prospective buyers. The sales generally increase in offer period.

Product Reviews: For any visitor on the website, customer reviews play a huge part in taking the purchase decision. As the website visitor will not be able to touch or inspect the product, the customer reviews will help them build a trust to make the decision to purchase or pass. Adding customer reviews will have a huge impact on the buying process. According to a study, 67% consumers read customer reviews before making a purchase decision as they trust other people to provide honest and helpful information.

Shipping options: Online shopping needs a very strong shipping and logistics system. It is best to offer multiple shipping options to customers. Customers expect options in shipping and the ecommerce owners should have the facility to offer them. There have been technological advancements wherein the package courier can be tracked easily by the customers and this can be a very beneficial practice to have in the website portal.

Mobile friendly website: Mobile users have increased a lot from last 3 years and they are adding every hour. It can be easily said that mobiles have replaced computers and laptops in terms of online shopping. It is easiest for people to shop online through mobile phones. Thus it is utmost important to make your website mobile friendly. It has become important to adapt responsive design or mobile version to reach a large number of mobile users.

Advanced Payment Options: This is a must have feature for any ecommerce site. Amazon Pay and PayPal are just few of the easy payment options available. Those users that have a registered account can easily buy with just click of a button. It is vital to understand the buyer and offer related options to them.

Social Media Links: Social Media presence is very important in today’s age. According to a research, 20% of the purchases made online are made surfing through social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are one of the very influential social media platforms for online selling.

With the increase in the number of internet users, ecommerce is bound to grow in the coming years. For those entities, that do not have an online presence, will be in dire need to do so. Some of the above features will be must to make an ecommerce website run smoothly and successfully.

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