8 Must-Have Features of an Easy-to-Use Online Store Builder

A major obstacle to setting up an internet store is the alleged need for technical skills, especially for small firms. Because going online requires more coding expertise and money to employ professionals, many business owners who need help to afford the charges opt not to do it. Web design no longer places as much emphasis on coding. You can now set up an online store quickly and cheaply without any coding experience.

8 Must-Have Features of an Easy-to-Use Online Store Builder

The plethora of options available at your disposal when building your online store in the past must have been overwhelming. However, with the advancement in technology, it has become a hassle-free process to create your online store using an online store builder.

Looking into some components is essential as it will make you enjoy the process of designing your website. Here are the 8 must-have features that form a component of your chosen online builder:

1. Ease of use

Ease of use

One of the most important qualities to look for in an online store builder is how simple it is to build a website for your business. Some website builders require that you have basic knowledge of coding to be able to launch a fully-functional website. In this case, you must be ready to spend big if you have no coding experience.

However, you would be better off with an online store builder that offers intuitive features and designs. It’s simple to experiment and build your ideal online store here. Furthermore, if your user-friendly online store builder is adaptable enough, you can test and develop your custom flows by altering the entities.

2. Design tools

Design tools

When creating an online store, your website’s theme needs to align with your vision for the store. For this reason, you should rather use an online store builder that offers you different types of design themes from which you can pick. The simple things are what make the most difference in many cases.

For instance, straightforward drag-and-drop tools can improve your design and significantly help your marketing efforts. Additionally, the detailed design tools that your online store builder provides make your website stickier and more interesting for visitors, increasing conversion rates.

3. Product and order management

You can only run a successful online business if you can easily manage your products and orders. To help you manage these tasks more quickly, it is advised to create an online store. This is together with the time you have available to work on your company’s core competencies, such as analyzing, enhancing, expanding, and so on.

As a result, effective product management that is streamlined and well-defined will help you manage your inventory better. Use inquiry forms and wish lists to gather customer needs. Also, a clear order management system can help you increase the accuracy and fulfillment and decrease the number of refunds for your orders.

4. Mobile support

Another important feature you must consider when choosing an online store builder is mobile support. You risk losing out on those potential customers if your online store is not mobile-friendly. Additionally, statistics demonstrate that this trend of mobile users will only continue to grow over time.

Make sure you find an online store builder that allows you to create both Android and iOS apps while building a responsive online store. Additionally, see if they can convert your store into a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWA is a feature that makes your website behave, feel, and look like a mobile app without really developing an app.

5. Multi-channel integrations

It is not possible in the current eCommerce industry for your online store to run by itself. Due to this, you must pick an online store builder that provides a platform that enables simple integration with a wide range of channels and third-party tools. These integrations will make you stand strong in the digital space.

Furthermore, ensure that you use easy-to-use online store builder facilities like multiple payment options, logistics channels, mailing software, social media channels, ticketing software, and live chats. These integrations will give you tools to grow while enhancing your efficiency.

6. Effective on-site search

Customers visiting a particular website expect that they can find the product they want easily. Being able to get what they need on time also helps them add more items to their cart. For this reason, your online store builder should feature a fast and effective search engine.

Additionally, a good navigation system encourages visitors to stay on your website longer, which increases conversion rates. A good way to enable your customers to find necessary items by size, price, and name is to make your eCommerce website multi-functional.

7. Easy marketing

When you can balance using simple tools with putting into practice the appropriate marketing tools for your business, you will gain the power to plan and carry out various marketing strategies. It might not be easy finding the right momentum without marketing.
Consider a store builder with an eCommerce platform that includes a robust discount engine. You get many benefits from it, including coupons, special offers, and tools for putting various discounts into action. It would be ideal if your online store builder provided a discount engine with sophisticated features.

8. SEO tools

An integral part of every eCommerce business is SEO. When done correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) has the potential to place your website directly among the top search results, which will help you attract the right kind of traffic.
In addition to bringing in much-needed traffic, SEO tools increase brand visibility. Create an online store using an online store builder that has the appropriate SEO tools set up to assist you in obtaining the traffic you require.


The process of choosing an online store builder can be confusing and tough. Still, you will have a better understanding of the easy-to-use features the builder must have if you follow this list. Find an online store builder that provides all of these features to ensure that your business never loses out on a sales opportunity.

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