Boost Your Sales with These Must-Have Features for Online Store Builders

E-commerce is highly competitive, and staying ahead requires more than just a visually appealing website. To truly succeed in the digital marketplace and maximise your sales potential, leveraging online store builders’ tools and features is essential. This comprehensive guide will explore various crucial features that every online store builder should offer to help you achieve your sales goals and grow your business effectively.

Must-Have Features for Online Store Builders to Boost Your Sales

1. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design

With the increasing prevalence of mobile devices, ensuring that your online store is optimised for mobile users is crucial for maximising sales. A responsive and mobile-friendly design allows your website to adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices, providing an optimal viewing experience for visitors on smartphones and tablets.

By prioritising mobile responsiveness, you can capture a larger audience of potential customers and reduce bounce rates, ultimately driving more sales and revenue for your business.

Furthermore, search engines like Google prioritise mobile-friendly websites in their rankings, meaning that a mobile-optimised online store can improve your visibility and attract more organic traffic. When choosing an online store builder, look for platforms offering responsive design templates and mobile optimisation features to ensure your website looks and performs flawlessly across all devices.

2. User-Friendly Navigation and Search Functionality

User-Friendly Navigation and Search Functionality

A streamlined navigation system and intuitive search functionality are essential for guiding visitors through your online store and helping them find the products they’re looking for quickly and easily. Complex navigation menus or cluttered layouts can frustrate users and lead to abandoned shopping carts, negatively impacting sales performance. To prevent this, prioritise user-friendly navigation features that make it simple for customers to browse your product catalogue and locate specific items with minimal effort.

Additionally, robust search functionality with filters and sorting options can enhance the shopping experience and increase conversion rates. Allow customers to search for products by category, price range, brand, or other relevant criteria to help them narrow their options and find the perfect product. Investing in user-friendly navigation and search functionality can improve engagement, reduce friction in the buying process, and ultimately drive more sales in your online store.

3. High-Quality Product Images and Videos

Visual content plays a crucial role in online shopping, as customers rely heavily on product images and videos to evaluate the quality and features of items before making a purchase. To effectively showcase your products and entice customers to buy, it’s essential to include high-quality images and videos that provide clear and detailed views from multiple angles.

High-resolution images with zoom capabilities allow customers to examine product details up close, while videos can provide additional context and demonstrate how the product works.

When selecting an online store builder, look for platforms that offer robust media management features and support for high-resolution images and videos. Ensure you can easily upload and organise visual content directly within the platform without needing third-party plugins or extensions. By prioritising high-quality product imagery and videos, you can capture the attention of potential customers, showcase your products in the best possible light, and drive more sales on your online store.

4. Seamless Checkout Process with Multiple Payment Options

Seamless Checkout Process

A smooth and hassle-free checkout process minimises cart abandonment rates and maximises sales conversions. Complex checkout forms or limited payment options can deter customers from completing their purchases, resulting in lost revenue for your business. To optimise the checkout experience, prioritise online store builders offering a streamlined and user-friendly process with minimal steps and distractions.

Multiple payment options allow customers to choose their preferred payment method: credit or debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, or alternative payment solutions. Offer secure payment gateways that encrypt sensitive information and provide peace of mind for customers during checkout. By optimising your checkout process and offering a variety of payment options, you can reduce friction in the buying journey, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more sales in your online store.

5. Integrated Marketing and Promotional Tools

Effective marketing and promotional strategies are essential for driving traffic to your online store and encouraging repeat purchases from existing customers. Look for online store builders that offer integrated marketing and promotional tools to help you attract, engage, and retain customers effectively. From email marketing and social media integration to discount codes and loyalty programmes, these features can help you reach your target audience, nurture customer relationships, and incentivise purchases on your online store.

Additionally, advanced analytics and reporting capabilities allow you to track key metrics such as website traffic, sales conversions, and customer behaviour, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. By leveraging these insights, you can refine your marketing strategies, identify opportunities for improvement, and optimise your online store for maximum sales and revenue generation.

6. Robust Customer Support and Resources:

Last but not least, reliable customer support and resources are essential for ensuring a positive experience for you and your customers. Look for online store builders that offer responsive customer support via multiple channels, such as live chat, email, and phone support, to assist you with any technical issues or questions. Additionally, explore the platform’s knowledge base, documentation, tutorials, and community forums to access helpful resources and guidance for building and managing your online store effectively.

Furthermore, consider the availability of training materials, webinars, and educational resources to help you maximise the platform’s features and capabilities. By choosing an online store builder with robust customer support and resources, you can overcome challenges, optimise your online store for success, and ultimately drive more sales and revenue for your business.


Incorporating these must-have features into your online store builder can help you create a powerful, high-converting e-commerce platform that drives sales and accelerates business growth. By prioritising responsive design, user-friendly navigation, high-quality visual content, seamless checkout, integrated marketing tools, and robust customer support, you can provide a superior shopping experience for your customers and achieve your sales goals in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

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