Anti Fraud

The Anti-Fraud modules can be accessed under Applications > Anti Fraud. The core fraud handling modules seen below are included with the getUstore package.

The Anti Fraud Modules must be installed before they are enabled for the store. The process of installation is similar to installing an extension under Applications. Choose the module and click on install button “+” under Action column. You will be notified on the screen that the module is successfully installed.

Once you have installed the module, you can edit the module setting. Let us look at the configuration of the first module FraudLabs Pro.

FraudLabs Pro
This module uses the Fraudlabs Pro service to detect possible fraudulent orders. In order to use the Fraudlabs Pro service, you must obtain the API key and place it in the getUstore Module settings

You need to register in the Fraudlabs Pro service to obtain the API key. There are several pricing plans including a free plan. These different plans require different amount of monthly orders and different amount of validation rules. The validation rules are customizable rules that you can configure in addition to the other checks that FraudLabs Pro makes when screening an order.

After you have configured and enabled the module in getUstore, all of your orders will go through Fraudlabs system and get screened for any potential fraud. Once an order is checked from the FraudLabs Pro service it is being given a certain status and a score. There are three possible fraud validation statuses: Approved, Rejected or Pending Review. The score is a value from 0-100, presenting the probability that an order can be fraudulent. The bigger the number is the more risky an order is.

MaxMind Anti Fraud
The second service based fraud handling module in getustore is MaxMind Anti-Fraud. You need to obtain a license key from MaxMind minFraud service in order to use the module and place it in the getUstore module settings.

The minFraud service customers pass to minFraud system the service information provided by their site visitors during online transactions and account registrations. The minFraud service analyzes this information and returns a Risk Score. Risk Score ranges from 0.01-100.00 and represents the probability that a given transaction is fraudulent. Once an order is placed in your OpenCart store, the order transaction is scanned in the minFraud system. Once checked, each order is being given a certain Risk Score.