You can create and designate coupons to products or product categories. The Coupons page will display all the coupons list created in the admin panel.

General tab
When you create or edit a coupon you have to fill in the following information:

  • Coupon Name: Mention a descriptive name of the coupon
  • Code: A code that the customer needs to enter in the shopping cart to avail the coupon benefit in store front.
  • Type: Mention the type of discount; fixed amount off or a percentage off from the total amount
  • Discount: The number taken off from the total amount
  • Total Amount: The amount a customer must reach before using the coupon
  • Customer Login: If you select “Yes”, the customer needs to be logged into the store account to use the coupon and selecting “No” means the customer can use the coupon as a guest.
  • Free Shipping: Selecting Yes will give the customer free shipping for using the product code.
  • Products: You can mention the individual products to be selected by entering the product name in the space provided. You can also remove any product from the discount by clicking on the minus button in the products list below it.
  • Category: Select a product category to be applied discount to all the products within that category. Refer to the Product Categories section for more details.
  • Date Start: The first day the discount can be used
  • Date End: The last day the discount can be used
  • Uses Per Coupon: Limits the number of times the coupon can be used by customers
  • Uses per Customer: Limits the number of customers who can use the coupon
  • Status: Enables or disables the coupon for use in the store front.

Coupon History
The History tab lists out all the uses of this coupon in the store. You can see the following information about each use of this coupon.

  • Order ID
  • Customer
  • Amount
  • Date Added

Coupons in the Store Front
You can add and edit coupons in the admin panel that will affect the use of coupons in the Shopping cart and checkout in the store front.