Homepage Of An Online Store – What To Include & What Not To

The homepage often gets the highest traffic for an e-commerce website. This single page is responsible for driving sales, building brand trust among the customers & getting loyal customers. Your e-commerce store’s homepage is the first impression of your website & your business. Within a matter of few seconds, your homepage should deliver your business niche & entice visitors to explore more of your online store. All in all a homepage should make your visitors curious about the product range you offer.

If the homepage does not communicate effectively, the customers will leave the website.

Here are a bunch of suggestions by industry experts on what to include on your homepage.

Add a Search Bar

No e-commerce site is complete without a search bar, after exploring the homepage, visitors should be able to search for the product they need. The ideal place to put this element in your website is right-top of the website.
For example: Flipkart’s search box would be visible even when the user scrolls down the website.

getUstore offers a search bar in the header section on the right side, so the users can easily search for what they want.

Number of Product Category

Place a category either vertically on the top or horizontally on the left of your e-commerce store. But make sure you don’t include more than 10 categories, this will confuse the users.
Label categories in a way users can understand & not in industry jargon.

getUstore lets you add categories on the top menu, left horizontal menu as well as in the footer for easy navigation.

Featured Or Popular Items

The section would let customers know about the latest trends, & drive recurring customers & let the new users know about your popular products. Make sure to add seasonal products.
For example: Feature collections like “Summer Collection” or “Recently Sold”.

With getUstore, you can add these section, right above the footer.

Highlight Special Offer

A survey says, most of the customers are interested in buying products that are on sale. Therefore, it becomes crucial to add coupon codes, discounted items or even a clearance sale section on your homepage.

getUstore lets you add special offer section, right below the homepage banner, so it would easily grab customers’ attention.

These were the essentials of an e-commerce homepage, now here is what NOT to include on your ecommerce store’s homepage.

Detailed Product Information

You should always, always include only the basic details of the product such as product name & price, rest all the information should be mentioned on the product detail page.

Having a lot of information will make users uninterested which may lead to leave the website very quickly.

Horizontal Page Scroll

Once in a while, you would have surely come across horizontal page scroll websites. It would be great if it is a portfolio website, because it would feel like you’re flipping a coffee table book but sadly it does not work for an e-commerce websites. The users may lose interest as they are not used to horizontal scrolling.

Communication Hierarchy

An online ecommerce store should drive the users directly where you want to take them. The homepage should make a statement about what you’re & why are you different from others.
For Example: You have a stock to clear, you can have a clearance sale, for that you can add a pop up to the website or a horizontal strip at the top of the website. This will attract the users.

Back To Top Button

Pay attention to small details, while building the e-commerce store, one might forget to add this tiny little element called, “back to top button”. It will help users to easily jump to the top of the website page instead of scrolling vertically upwards restlessly.

An online store builder lets you make your e-commerce store your way, try getUstore and create a perfect homepage & then a whole e-commerce store with 21 Days Free Trial to drive sales.

We hope that these suggestions above will help make your online store’s homepage the perfect go-to page for buyers. With all your time, effort and finances put in to build your online store, these minor suggestions may actually help make your business. If you have other recommendations that would be helpful, be sure to drop them in the comments section below.

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