How Does Display of Best-Selling Products on the Home Page of an E-Commerce Site Increase Conversion?

Your e-commerce store’s homepage ought to include useful features. The information you present on your homepage will affect whether a visitor clicks the link and ultimately buys something from you. Because your homepage represents your brand and a crucial component of your sales funnel, you should not ignore it.

How Does Displaying of Best-Selling Products on the Homepage of Your Site Increase Conversion?

The homepage of your website is where you should place your best-selling products. This is to ensure that users find such products easily. Also, well-written product descriptions and high-quality images should be together with the product you put on your homepage. This will help increase revenue and sales, thereby increasing conversion.

Below are other ways displaying your best-selling products on your website can increase conversion:

1. Immediate attention

Every reporter in the world of journalism is expected to put the headline upfront. This implies that you always begin a story with the most important details and never make your audience look for them. Store owners can benefit from this strategy in many different ways.

As much as you might want to eventually cover your product’s details, a well-designed homepage should not leave potential customers guessing. After all, losing a sale takes a single click if you leave a potential customer in the dark. All of the product information on your homepage needs to be clear.

2. Meets customer needs

Meets customer needs

The first step towards optimizing the homepage of an e-commerce website is to understand that there are intrinsic relationships between your website, the product you are selling, your customer’s reasons for buying the product, and objections you may face that may delay a potential sale.

By placing your best-selling product on the homepage of your website, you can increase conversion rates by instantly persuading customers. Doing this often involves researching and testing your assumptions.

In addition to increasing conversions, addressing consumer concerns can reduce the number of returns on a product by setting better expectations. Your customer service team will be grateful for your efforts in lowering customer dissatisfaction, primarily brought on by receiving a product that falls short of customers’ expectations.

3. Prompt response via live chat

Live chat is the most popular support method that consistently receives the highest satisfaction ratings for e-commerce websites. Customers appreciate the quick responses they receive and the ability to multitask, believing this is the best use of their time.

Potential customers can get their questions answered by targeted live chat, just like your best-selling product’s FAQ section on your homepage. The main distinction is that they speak to you or a support staff member to get their answer rather than a chatbot.

This indicates that live chat can involve manual labor and is frequently more effective when used during peak traffic times or on best-selling product pages.

Additionally, the live chat on the homepage lets prospective customers know that getting information about your business and your best-selling products is easy. This way, your business looks more trustworthy. Potential customers will be more relaxed just by seeing live chat available, even if they do not use it. This alone can increase conversion.

4. Reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials

Having customer testimonials is generally more valuable when your best-selling product guarantees a specific positive outcome. This is especially the case when you put information about these products on the homepage of your e-commerce website. These online testimonials are crucial for building credibility not only for your best-selling products but for almost all of the product categories.

Most consumers read customer reviews before buying a product, and studies repeatedly show that consumers place more trust in reviews than in product descriptions from retailers or manufacturers. This information will be simple to find when your best-selling product is on the homepage.

Customer reviews are used so frequently that they either draw attention from customers or increase the social proof they already offer. With this proof, you can increase the conversion rate for your website.

5. Display of social proof and guarantees

It’s a good idea to let new visitors know if your best-selling product has a trust badge or seal of approval and if it has been endorsed. This proof will also be more obvious when the products are displayed on the homepage of your e-commerce website.

On your home page, where it will be more obvious, you should list any certifications or significant product features, such as safety or legitimacy. It would be simple to include these details in the description of your product, but badges can stand out on your page and help you conserve valuable copy space.

6. Enhanced photography

One of the obvious drawbacks of online shopping is the inability to feel, touch, or physically inspect a product before making a purchase. As a result, high-quality product images and other visuals can offer a similarly helpful experience while boosting conversion.

While it has long been discussed how crucial product photography is to the success of any e-commerce site, it’s important to remember that other forms of visual communication can be just as effective as photography. The questions and concerns of your customers are met if you create excellent photography, GIFs, and videos, which all aid in their decision-making.


One of the goals of having an e-commerce store is to increase sales and revenue. This normally would only happen when there is increased conversion. There is no better way to get this done than displaying your best-selling product on the homepage of your site. Having these products, together with its description, testimonials, and reviews, among other things, will increase your chances of turning potential customers into recurring buyers.

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