How To Start An Online Store With Minimal Cash Investment

The internet is a platform that anybody can use to start an online business. Interestingly, you can build an online store with just a computer and an internet connection. Additionally, little or no technical experience is required to begin. Numerous tools can be used to build an online store with little money. Many of these tools have technicalities that are easy to navigate.

How to Start an Online Business with Minimal Cash Investment

One of the major perks of starting an online store is that it can be done with a minimal cash investment. Many available free services facilitate the possibility of setting up your store and running it with minimal cash investment. Here are some top ways to start an online business with a minimal cash investment.

1. Dropshipping

You do not need as a small business owner to maintain a large inventory of your products. Nor do you need to provide the related services and the product delivery to customers in an online dropshipping business. Any risk or financial cost of having a full warehouse of products you need to sell gets eliminated. The stress of arranging orders to send to customers from anywhere in the world is also non-existent.

Interestingly, you do not have to worry about product manufacturing and storage. Your only focus should be on product marketing and advertising to enable you to find customers that can buy what you sell. The remaining business aspects are handled by others once you make your sale.

The only expense for your dropshipping business is just for marketing and advertising to get new customers. However, you will have to work with a drop shipping company once that is part is over.

Additionally, starting this kind of online store requires minimal cash investment, no need to maintain an inventory, and you can utilize an established marketplace. However, you should know that this is a highly competitive marketplace, and mistakes by drop shippers will be on you. You also need to make a lot of sales for your income to be substantial.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing shares similarities with dropshipping, but there are some key differences. Like drop shipping, affiliate marketing is an e-commerce model that also does not require you to maintain product inventory. Also, the shipping of the products you sell is handled by other people.

However, you do need a profitable niche to start an online store for affiliate marketing. Then you will look for an affiliate partner with products in your chosen niche. Some affiliate sites are CJ Affiliate,, and

Additionally, these popular sites offer a wide range of physical or digital information products like video files, audio files, and e-books. Home Depot and Walmart are examples of big brands and companies that run their affiliate programs. You can also offer to sell products on your online store or blog.

Affiliate marketing requires minimal investment, and the risk is low. It is also a business model that is hands-off. However, you will make more money only if you drive traffic to your affiliate link. You may also need to spend a little money on marketing and advertising. 

3. Blogging

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You can start making money with a blog if you are passionate, interested, or an expert on a subject. Starting your blog with services like Blogger requires no cash investment. Additionally, you can create your online store and secure its hosting at a minimal cost. Unlike many free blogging services, you are not limited in any manner when you create your online store by yourself.

However, you should understand that blogging is beyond just writing. Although you can begin your online store with written blog posts, you can still add more features to your site. These additional features may include the posting of videos, pictures, and links to other websites. You can also repost other articles and news that are relevant to your niche.

Additionally, starting an online blog requires minimal investment, and you can work at your convenience. However, you must know that it could take a long time before you start making money. Content creation and posting can also become time-consuming.

4. Online video

You can start an online business by creating and posting videos on popular platforms like YouTube. The video you post does not need to go viral, but if it does, then that helps. What is important here is that you maximize the views of many of your videos. This needs to be done regularly.

Moreover, the content you create should be useful to your audience, one that keeps them engaged. There are many niches to work with on YouTube. The most important thing here is to make videos that people in your chosen area or subject will find interesting.

Furthermore, it requires minimal investment, as all you need to make an online video is a simple video camera or a smartphone. You should try and ensure that the video has a clear audio feed, and you can use simple editing software to polish your work. However, you must understand that it is time-consuming to create and post videos. Making revenue can also take a while.

5. Curated products

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Having an online store does not mean you always have to sell your own products. One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money these days is through curated products. Although online shopping gives us a seemingly never-ending range of choices, many people find it confusing and are looking for assistance to select the products.

In curated shopping, you need to find, select and put together the best products and provide them in one place. Curated shopping is growing in popularity, especially when it comes to apparel. Imagine putting together an entire look, with the apparel, shoes, and accessories in one place. All you need to do is choose complementary pieces and write effective descriptions for each item.

However, you need to be creative when marketing this kind of content. Selling curated products requires minimal cash investment. All that is required once you have this resource ready is to put it online. You may have to make an initial investment to set everything up.


You can start an online store even if you do not have lots of capital. Some of the ways in which you can set up your online store with minimal cash investment have been covered in this article. So, not having much capital should not stop you from starting your online store. 

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