Articles - Downloads


The downloads section is available to those stores that sell digital products or products that have a downloadable component such as a PDF User Guide or Manual or similar.

Give a name to the Downloadable product and upload the file in filename. The mask option allows the administrator to give the file a different visible filename. Press “Save” to submit the download information and save it.

After clicking on the edit button, you’ll be redirected to the page below:

You can make the changes as per your choice & save it.

You can delete downloadable file by selecting the checkbox against it & then clicking the delete icon.

Adding a Downloaded File to a product
After you have created the download, it has to be manually attached to each product individually to include in the product.

The downloadable file will not be seen in the product page. Therefore it is important to clearly describe to the customer, how the product will be received by them. They should be advised to visit My Account > My Orders > Downloads to view their downloadable products.