Articles - Reviews

Product reviews can be both submitted and viewed by customers on the product page. A customer can fill out a review form and submit it to be approved for publication on the site.
You can view how many customer reviews are awaiting approval in the Overview section in the Dashboard. To Approve these reviews, the administrator may visit Store Management > Reviews, select the review and click Edit. You will be able to see the form asking author, Product, Text, Rating and status. If you select the “Enabled” status, the review will be visible on the store with the information filled by customer.

You can view the result of customer review approval in the screenshot below. The reviews are available on the product page after approval.

You can edit any review you wish to by clicking on the Edit button. Once you click on the edit button, you’ll be redirected to the page as shown below:

You can make changes as per your wish & save the changes.

You can delete the review, as per your wish.
You can see reviews in Store Front as below:

You can enable/disable review in store front by changes its status by clicking on the edit button

After clicking on the edit button, you’ll be redirected to the page below: