Top 10 Tips to Increase Sales From Your Online Store

Regardless of the fact that you have a small or a large business, your main or primary focus is on driving sales. Generally, experts state that besides everything that you do for your business, increasing sales is considered as the key aspect of any successful business. It would help you to generate ROI (return of investment).

If you already have a well-established e-commerce website or you have just started your online store venture, you would definitely be seeking for smart ways to drive business sales. Most often people think that just maximizing the website traffic would serve the purpose, but it is not so. There are various ways through which you can increase sales. Here are some amazing tips that would help you in achieving your goal.

By following these tips you can effectively maximize customer satisfaction, increase order size and repeat orders, and maximize your sales.


#1 Focus On Reducing The Number Of Checkout/Payment Procedures

Nowadays, customers have become very impatient. They want everything to be completed within a blink of an eye, especially when they are ordering something. Do you want them to get irritated over long steps and abandon your website? Well, no one would want that. Such things would have a direct impact on the revenue generation of the business. Moreover, people would not prefer to come to your website anymore. So every entrepreneur or businessman must focus on reducing the checkout process – ideally, it should just take one step to complete the entire process hassle-free. If you are neglecting this aspect, then you would lose that sale and future sales to negative word-of-mouth– and that will have a very real impact on your company growth.


#2 Offer Loyalty And Reward Programs

Well, to be really honest, your customers like to get free stuff. If you are providing something useful in the return for the purchase, the customers are encouraged to buy more products from you. This does not mean that you have to give something free every time a customer is purchasing something. You can be innovative while offering freebies. In simple words, these offers, loyalty programs, and rewards must increase your sales.

  • You can offer coupon codes that help in reducing the price of the overall purchase.
  • You can set a purchase limit, if the customer is buying more than the set limit they would be getting reward points for future sales.
  • If the items or commodities are quite expensive, you can provide no-cost EMI.
  • You can put up festival sales where popular items are available at reasonable rates.
  • You can offer free shipping on various products or small gifts for every gift order.
  • When you analyze a customer is visiting your website frequently and making purchases, provide them a free membership.

All these factors mentioned above help in improving your sales as the customers feel happy by getting products with a discount. Besides all this, you must plan customer loyalty programs. The loyalty programs would help you to retain your regular customers and also generate new leads through positive word-of-mouth.


#3 Make Use Of User-Centric/ Personalized Messages

Different customers come to your website for different purposes. Some directly go to the shopping section whereas some are more interested in knowing the latest arrivals and others prefer to go through the blog section. Do you think sending all a specific pre-defined promotional message would be appropriate? Well, no. Your online store must deliver value propositions that help the customers to understand as well as encourage why they need to buy from you. The message should be personalized so that the customer could be connected to your brand. Your personalized messages can include custom photography, custom videos, downloadable guides, etc.


#4 Appropriate Use Of Call-To-Action

Do you think your online store or e-commerce website would drive traffic if it does not have a proper call to action? According to a survey, it was found that the most common call-to-action used in online stores is “Add to cart”, “order now”, “buy now”. In this way, you can generate leads and also increase sales for your business. Once you know what is the useful call-to-action, you must ensure that they are placed properly. Your customers must be able to find the button or link easily. You can also send out different types of notifications, including that would help you to increase sales of the products. These are basically the active call-to-actions which can help in increasing immediate sales. You can also opt for passive call-to-action, such as placing the contact number or email ids at different locations on the website.


#5 Showcasing The Customer Testimonials

Whether you have a B2B online store or a B2C, there are some amazing marketing strategies that are quite effective in building trust, increasing credibility, and increasing sales. Testimonials are quite effective customer validations and show that the purchase decisions were wise enough. These testimonials could be displayed on the product pages, which would encourage the customers to buy the products.


#6 Be Vigilant In Tracking Abandoned Orders

Most often, the customer shows a willingness to make the purchase, but due to some incoherent reasons, they abandon the orders or shopping carts. This is one of the most effective and easy solutions that would help in increasing the business sales. You can keep a track of the abandoned orders in the database and understand the reasons behind it.

The reasons could be taxes, high shipping fees, or some other reason. It will help you to improve your business in all aspects and make your customers happy.


#7 You Must Provide As Many Payment Options As Possible

Would you like to see your customers not complete the checkout process because they could not find a suitable payment option? Well, every online store must have flexible payment options so that if one doesn’t work, the individual could complete the process with another process. The more choices you provide for the checkout process, the better experience you give to your customers.


#8 You Must Focus On Getting Quality Product Images:

When the product’s images are clear and illustrative, it encourages the customers to make the purchase. If you provide multiple product packages, then you must add images of every product and in different colors. It will help the customers to understand what is being provided to them. Moreover, you must add a feature to zooming in and zooming out images.


#9 Let Your Customers Compare Products

When you can see that your customers are showing interest in a particular product, but confused about whether they are making the right choice or not. So the best way to encourage or persuade your customers is to let them compare the products. It will help them in ensuring that they are buying the right product.


#10 Push The Best Products Available On Your Online Stores

It means that you need to prioritize your best products and motivate people to buy them. You need to start focusing on promoting a small number of products that are actually useful to your customers and would bring in revenue for the business. Within a month, you would see real growth in the number of sales. Moreover, you could keep recommending new and relevant products to the customers.



Besides these tips, there are several innovative ways that can help you in retaining your customers as well as gaining new customers. You can even customize these tips according to your needs and preferences and make the best use of it for increasing sales of the online store.

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