Top 15 Profitable E-commerce Business Ideas

E-commerce business ideas are many, and you stand a chance of running more than one if you make the right choices. These businesses are profitable, legal, and easy to set up. Your dream of owning a successful online business can be achieved with proper planning and a good e-commerce store builder.

In the post-pandemic world, opportunities for online businesses are virtually endless. Yet not all businesses equally benefit from the ease offered by the virtual platforms. The e-commerce business idea you opt for must be channeled around your skills and strength.

However, before you start setting up your e-commerce business, you must first carry out proper research of the business, learn important aspects about carrying it out, and identify with an area of specialization. The following are some vastly popular e-commerce business ideas that are very profitable.

1. Organic Skincare Products For Women

 online store builder for skincare products

Organic skincare is gaining a lot of popularity in today’s market. Women now prefer to skip chemically made skincare products and stick to naturally made ones, as they are looking out for their skin and the environment they live in.

The skincare product is one of the topmost e-commerce niches, and some products that trend in this market may include body scrubs, facial cleansers, mineralized sunscreens, and facial oils. You can make a good amount of profit with even a few high-quality products by selling these items for a long period.

2. Handmade Jewelry Products

The handmade jewelry business is flourishing everywhere, including online. You can try out many niches when pursuing this idea. Your target market value may be high or low, but it will still be a thriving business.

However, to have a good online e-commerce audience, market your jewelry products with captivating videos and photos in your online store. Also, create a category for your collections, so that your online customers can easily find their item of choice.

3. Renting Fashion Products

Everyone loves to wear what is in vogue, but some fashionable apparel may be too high-end and pricey for the average consumer. You can give people the opportunity to wear them by helping them rent such high fashion pieces at retail prices.

This niche has been steadily growing in popularity in the west and has now reached the Indian shores. With proper social media marketing, you stand to gain a lot of customers. You can also include monthly subscription services for your online customers to pay for their accessories and dresses.

4. Online Grocery Websites

Built Groceries Website

There are important niches you can identify to serve and excel financially when doing an online grocery business. With a wide range of choices and ease of shopping, many customers will purchase groceries from your online store instead of the local stores.
Potential niches in this category that you can sell may include:

  • Vegetarian or vegan products
  • Diary-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free products
  • Locally harvested products
  • Sustainable and organic products
  • Food products like hand-made chocolates and infused oil

5. Electronics And Smart Equipment

You can sell electronic devices for online customers, as it is a lucrative business that is also reliable in the tech sector. However, there is a need to offer your customers something different from other competitors by offering them products that seamlessly integrate with their current devices and offer them better comfort and convenience.

With the explosion and expansion of work-from-home numbers, there has been a rapid surge in the demand for small and mid-size electronic devices. Items such as power banks, laptop cooling fans, extendable cords and cables, and more have seen a sharp rise in sales.

6. Wedding Products

Nowadays, most customers prefer shopping for wedding goods online than purchasing from vendors in a shop. This online business can be very lucrative, and some niches in this category include:

  • Jewelry
  • Guest books
  • Table clothes, candles, and centerpieces,
  • Cut flowers
  • Wedding signage
  • Handcrafted wedding dresses
  • Suits and bow ties
  • Hair accessories and wedding veils
  • Wedding favors
  • Cake toppers

With small weddings and Zoom weddings taking place everywhere, this is a niche that is worth exploring.

7. Subscription Box Business

This online business can favor you and your customers, as you can make good profits from it. Almost every kind of product can have a subscription box. These include socks, children’s learning toys, clothes, chocolate, pet toys, home decors, luxury goods, puzzles, meals, makeup, and many more products.

Consumers get to try out new products, and the companies get to widen their customer base. This curated subscription box business can be a good choice if you do not wish to manufacture your products or maintain a large warehouse for your goods.

8. Educational Items And Courses

It is a great idea to sell drop-shipping items, such as educational books, physical books, coloring kits, with special assistance materials on how to use them.

Online education is for both children and adults. You can add educational applications to your digital products and improve them with courses that teach foreign languages, practical hobbies, and other learning interests like e-books. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the online market.

9. Pet Foods And Products

Build Pet Foods Store Website

You can also find pet products to be a profitable e-commerce business idea that can fetch you plenty of money. Here, you can help your online customers to find products for their pets. Everything from pet feed to apparel and accessories is sold online. The pandemic has given rise to a lot of new pet families who are looking for all the necessities online. This could be a segment that you can serve.

10. Products For Kids

With schools in the online mode and children restricted from many of their usual play and activities, parents are constantly in search of new ways to keep their kids occupied. Parents are always ready to purchase online products for their kids if they find them useful. Therefore, toys, educational books, accessories, and more are selling fast. This online business has many niches that can favor you, and it is also lucrative.

11. Plants And Plant Products

Online plant store

Many people have started growing plants in their homes. Everything from beautiful indoor plants to little herb gardens has become popular. You can offer these new plant parents beautiful planters, seeds, fertilizers, and other products necessary for sustaining household plants.

12. Well-being Products

You can consider this e-commerce business and enter niches that can help you sell oil diffusers, weighted blankets, meditation products, natural oil diffusers, acupressure mats, and light therapy lamps. Furthermore, you can make money in this area as most young people are interested in caring for their health.

13. Women’s Health Products

Women’s products have always had a good online presence, as they are always in high demand. Study the market and offer what the modern Indian woman needs. Items such as electronic heating pads, reusable menstrual cups, chewable vitamins, and more have become the needs of many women. This is a vast segment that is going to expand in the Indian consumer market in the coming years.

14. Print On Demand On Lifestyle & Clothing

Online Clothing Website

Varieties of print-on-demand items can be sold online, but T-shirts are much easier to sell. You can help customers by printing lifestyle product varieties. The e-commerce niches may include prints from popular subjects, such as:

  • Food
  • Pets
  • Animals
  • Music
  • Food
  • Maps
  • Fitness

15. Sustainability Products

Products that focus on sustainability are also important online businesses that can help you stand out. Most people may think it is a less profitable e-commerce business to plunge into, but this may not be true as it is a lucrative option. The Indian consumer is adapting and is now leading the demand for sustainable products. Products such as bamboo toothbrushes, steel sippers and straws, metal chopsticks, jute shopping bags are some products in high demand.


Once you have selected your niche for an e-commerce business, you also need to pick the right online store builder to realize your dreams. getUstore, India’s popular online store builder, is the prime choice for businesses of all kinds.

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