What is an eCommerce CRM and Why is it important for your Direct-to-Consumer Brand(DTC)?

Established brands have been experiencing huge eCommerce sales in the last few years. The sales are expected to keep increasing as expectations about online shopping change. People are now more open to virtual shopping, in which CRM plays an important role.

What is an eCommerce CRM?

What is an eCommerce CRM

Software called customer relationship management (CRM) assists eCommerce companies in managing pertinent data about prospects and customers. It’s fantastic that CRM saves all the data it collects in one place.

In general, an eCommerce business aids in giving business owners a broad picture of operations and aids them in identifying possible sales prospects. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands benefit from these activities, which also increase sales.

What is a DTC brand?

DTC brand

Direct-to-customer, or DTC, is when a product manufacturer or brand directly sells its products to its end users. It is a retail model that involves selling products without the help of wholesalers or third-party sellers.

The DTC model can be defined as follows:

  • DTC brands directly interact with customers and are in charge of giving them a fulfilling experience.
  • Good sourcing and delivery are done without relying on third parties.
  • DTC brands manage products’ stock levels, and the brand manages the sorting, packaging, and shipping of customers’ orders.

The DTC retail model brings brands closer to customers, which is why it is increasing in popularity. Since DTC brands interact with customers directly, they must strengthen relationships. An eCommerce CRM is important to do this effectively.

Why eCommerce CRM is Important for Your DTC Brand

eCommerce CRM is important to your DTC brands as it helps offer a great customer experience. Its focus is more on establishing a good relationship with customers. It also allows your business to use advanced technologies and know more about your customers.

Stock availability can be prepared as required based on your customer’s information. Below are some more reasons why CRM is important to your DTC brand:

1. Better customer experience

As a DTC brand, you can give your customers a great experience. There are numerous functionalities made available by the CRM software to create better business-customer relationships.

What CRM primarily does is collect appropriate customer information and manage contacts efficiently. The primary data may include demographics, purchase history, and messaging across different communication channels.

The eCommerce CRM software stores all this information and makes it available to team members when needed. With this information, your DTC brand can help create a better shopping experience for your customers.

2. Increased efficiency

CRM increases efficiency. Using many automated tools, CRM software helps reduce manual tasks. As a DTC brand, it allows you to focus on other important tasks while you save time. Also, the tools help in performing every task at the proper time.

Additionally, automating repetitive actions and certain processes that are happening is the main aim of the tool. Effective communication is made through documents, phone calls, and emails stored in the CRM software. A member of your team can easily get access to this information and use it as needed.

3. Automated report generation

Your DTC brand needs deeper insights and a better understanding of your customers. Fetching data to ensure the establishment of this understanding is made easier with a robust CRM system.

It is common for most CRM systems to have the capacity to generate reports automatically. Getting all the data in one place makes it easy to analyze it. Team members can access information from such reports. They can also develop a solid marketing model to increase customer retention, provide better after-sales support, and leverage more sales.

Thus, such reports will help your DTC brand achieve long-term profitability and make a well-informed business decision.

4. Customer segmentation

Your DTC brand should be able to cater to customers’ needs according to their purchase history, demographics, and position in the sales funnel. Customer relationships cannot be nurtured similarly because they sit at different positions in the sales funnel.

Having CRM software can help your brand segment through different factors, including purchase history, demographics, and location. Such segmentation provides a more personalized experience, which leads to higher conversions and retention.

5. Saves time

There is an instance where you spend much of your time-solving problems and working on administrative activities. This much energy would serve you better when you focus on selling your products. When you have a customized CRM for your brand, you can save time and focus on more important aspects of your business.

Integrating CRM into your workflow can benefit your brand in many different ways. Customer relationship management tools automate most of the tasks that you would otherwise have done manually. This helps to save time.

6. Organize Customer Information

Understanding and knowing your customers is necessary to give them a great shopping experience. Every little bit of customer action can be documented and recorded by CRM software. You can use this data further in the future when evaluating customer behavior. The results of your evaluation can be made available to your team members.

Since any of your employees can access the information concerning your customers’ preferences, they can develop strategies to improve your brand’s approach. Using this data, it becomes easier for your sales agents to target prospects, encourage them to make purchases, and eventually turn them into customers.


Your DTC brand needs an eCommerce CRM. In order to give your customers what they want, it helps you understand them better. Having CRM software for your company can help you meet the needs of your customers more quickly, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and improve communication.

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