Why is Online Store Builder Better Than Building Your Own Website From the Scratch?

Building your business usually requires having an outstanding online presence. For this to happen, you will start developing your business blog and projecting your brand for customers to see. However, seeking support from online store builders makes everything much more straightforward.

Every business needs a great beginning and online visibility. You will also run a smooth business when your website works uniformly on desktop and mobile devices. Is it better to hire a store builder for the job or get your website running by yourself? This guide will give you the best answer to the question.

What is an Online Store Builder?

Online store builders are HTML-based web editors that help business owners create a professional website without adding custom-made codings such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They usually provide companies with different templates and show great tips on making your website without being tech-savvy in web building and design. The templates they offer are for you, helping you create a website that works primarily for your brand.

Why Should You Choose an Online Store Builder Over Doing it Yourself?

benefits of online store builder

There are several reasons why choosing an online store builder should be your next big plan if you have a business you must put online for others to see. Small businesses can take advantage of the lower price and a swift turnaround period.

Online store builders provide professional and magnificent devices, and only a few clients will identify that your website is not by you but through expert templates. So, here are some of the top reasons why choosing an online store builder is ideal for improving your business.

1. The Cost

The utmost reason for buying the option of an online store builder is the monetary benefit. Website builders can help you without getting all the money from your pocket. You can create an excellent, modern, classic, clutter-free website with only a tiny amount.

However, if you seek support from agencies with high-quality website builders, get ready to pay a higher price. These agencies will provide you with web-building templates and help you build your business website from the beginning to match your company’s needs.

On the other hand, building your business website can cause you to pay so much money. You will need essential features to boost the site, such as custom site design, web hosting, SSL certificate, Domain, email marketing, payment gateways, eCommerce plugins, and more.

Aside from paying individually for these functions, you will still spend much more over time for maintenance, operations, and other unexpected costs that usually influence custom-made websites.

2. Easy to Use

A perfect website needs to stay current with time, which is why using online store builders makes it easy for you to update your website as time changes. You can change the design and content of your website over time. 

Several website builders have supportive content platforms like blogs, which they include while building templates for small businesses. You can use this content to update your site from time to time and keep content more exciting and refreshing.

The same cannot be said about building your online store by yourself. Building a website with a self-hosted solution will be unprofessional because you will require an expert web developer to help you succeed and even seek domain services such as GoDaddy or Bluehost.

Most importantly, having a custom-made website requires tech-savvy technical and coding knowledge to help you build a smooth website. If you lack preparedness for essential web-building tools, hiring a skillful online store builder for a brilliant website setup is the best way to improve your company.

3. Benefits From Creative Ownership

It may be difficult for you to set up a custom-based website by simply thinking about it. You may share your idea with a web developer who will help you interpret it professionally and bring it into existence.

A professional will give you creative ownership of the website you want to build for your business. It may lead to trial and error, but as long as it arrives at what you prefer for your company. You can add updates to make it look good at every desired time.

4. No Experience in Coding and Design Required

choose an online store

When small businesses seek the assistance of online store builders, any web builder can do the job, so you do not require a unique design program or code to get it done. Instead, you can choose a pre-designed website template and make it in your style, fonts, colors, taste, and photos.

On the other slide, if your website is customized, finding the ideal theme for your website building will cost you more effort and time than it should. Also, to build your website from scratch, ensure that you have active users and positive reviews. Furthermore, asides from having a flexible store design, your website template must be influenced by the value of your online audience.

5. Excellent Customer Support

Many online store builders have a fair knowledge of what customers usually want. They follow up with FAQs, content hubs, and troubleshooting tips. They make things look easy if you have problems with managing your website. You can reach out to their customer care support to get answers to your problems.

On the other hand, if you are building your website, all your intuitive resources are from blogs, Google, YouTube, videos, forums, and so on. You will not be limited to taking advantage of the resources, but it can be time-consuming to do such research to satisfy your client’s needs.

6. SEO Benefits

Business owners who hire online store builders will enjoy the benefits of Search Engine Optimization. You do not need expertise in SEO skills to get optimum support. Your online store builder can incorporate SEO and set up the best templates, such as social media links, portfolios to improve your job discovery, SEO-friendly, and content-rich pages, and blogs to improve your online presence.


In general, if you seek support and good services, hiring an online store builder for your business is best. When comparing Website builders to deciding to build a customized website, website builders provide more assurance that they can take care of you.

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