Working On An Online Store? Use These Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales!

All businesses go through a rough period which is not any different for online stores also. The outcome of a business is to maximize profits and so is with shopping stores online too which strives to increase sales using unique marketing strategies. Traditional marketing strategies may have lost its sheen and the business needs to keep evolving and keeping pace with new trends particularly when consumer habits have changed, especially in the ecommerce industry. Here are ten foremost tips on generating convincing sales for your website:

Target your existing customers:

When business is slack and there are no new customers, one generally tends to blame it on lack of new customers and the focus is on customer acquisition rather than on customer retention strategy. Open your eyes to the impact loyal customers have on an ecommerce site. Loyal customers add more items to the shopping cart and have higher conversion rates as compared with one-time purchasers and new customers. It is even more expensive to generate new customers than moving along with old customers.who are familiar with your brand and there’s no learning curve.

Validate trustworthiness of site:

Nowadays, customers are very fickle about security of the site they visit and wish to be assured regarding security or cyber security. Customers have become very security conscious of late which you should respect and make the necessary changes to incorporate security parameters into the website. DIsplay the security badges you have earned For Eg: McAfee SECURE or COMODO SECURED and more without misleading customers.

Use Video Demonstrations:

Consumers love videos and so much that recent investigations state that video has top ROI as compared to other marketing strategies. It does create an interest in engagement as well as a curiosity that convinces and attracts the buyer to buy.

Videos resonate more with buyers and it is highly unlikely that he remembers the product he read yesterday but chances of him remembering a video is quite high. Videos appeal to a broader cross-section of people. Video can easily demonstrate help topics to a confused patron regarding the functioning of the product he brought.

Include photos when you introduce customer testimonials:

User photos are a great way to display proof of concept. But at the same time, a message without a face is not as convincing as thought upon. Taking the testimonials further, give a thread of genuineness in a realistic vein, by adding a photo and the customer’s full name.

Recognize the need to shop from mobile sites also:

This has become clear now that mobiles have taken over as the defacto standard for going shopping online which is not a one-off event. Mobiles have penetrated markets as never before and gives you a strong reason to make the site responsive. Something you can ponder about is building a mobile app. A mobile app gives one a variety of reasons for users to shop online as compared to a website because

  • settings are saved
  • more convenient
  • faster
  • benefits and rewards
  • personalization.

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