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About Us

A Premium Industry-Specific Online Shop Builder

getUstore, a revolutionary online shop builder is so easy that by the time you finish sipping a cup of coffee, you get your ecommerce store ready with custom design and rich ecommerce features. It takes 3 simple steps and 5 minutes of yours to create an online shop. getUstore does not follow a One-Fit-All rule and has developed custom features specific to the needs of different industries to give maximum online exposure to your business.

We are a one-stop platform to help you build your store, manage it, sell, market and ship your products, all the while focusing on your core business without having to worry about the technicalities of maintaining a website. We get you integrated with the leading payment gateways and logistics providers to run your business without any hassle. From start to end, we are there for you at every step.

Powerful Features

3 Simple Steps

You can make your online store in 3 simple steps that takes only 5 minutes. Our platform provides you a safe, secure and reliable online store.

Premium Shopping Features

We have given hundreds of premium shopping features in our platform to help you succeed in online business.

Industry-Specific Designs

Choose from our 100+ premium industry-specific designs and create a unique online shop. You can change your design anytime.

Drag & Drop Editor

All designs come with easy-to-use drag and drop feature allowing you to customize fonts, colors, position of design elements and almost every aspect of the chosen design.

Multi-Platform Capability

Your store is 100% responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop; also your store is compatible to all the latest web browsers.

Blogging Tool

Your store consists of a blogging tool that helps you in your search engine efforts. You can also use blog to establish yourself as prominent voice in the industry.

Search Engine Optimized

Your store is extremely friendly to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You can easily manage meta tags from easy-to-use admin control panel.

Dedicated Account Manager

You get a dedicated account manager to answer your questions and to make sure that you manage your store effectively.

24/7/365 Guaranteed Support

We are available 24 X 7 X 365 to help you with your questions and give you the best customer service.

Single Plan & Add-Ons For All Businesses

Get unrestricted access to all designs and features with our simple plan

Single Plan For All Businesses $42(18% GST extra)for 3 months, billed quarterly Unresticted access to all designs & features / 1000 products / 10 email accounts
Available Add-ons
  • Android: + $38
  • iOS: + $57
  • Unlimited Email Accounts: + $38
  • Unlimited Products: + $38
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Success Stories

Our clients vouch for us and we take satisfaction in their success

  • "My business is growing and I attribute my success to getUstore"

    I started my jewellery business from home but I wanted to start an online shop to expand my reach. I had no technical knowledge of building a website and someone referred getUstore for ecommerce website building. Turns out to be the best decision. I created an online shop in 5 minutes. The account manager trained me to customize the website. There are hundreds of features available and are very easy to understand. My business had no online presence and after I started the web store through getUstore, there has been no looking back. My website looks great and I get compliments from lot of people. My business is growing and I attribute my success to getUstore.

    Sonia Jain
  • "I am 100% satisfied with the platform"

    It has been less than two months that I started my ecommerce business through getUstore but the service and process are impeccable. I have had full assistance since the beginning and as I had no technical knowledge, I kept taking full advantage of 24*7 support service and they gave me complete guidance. The best part was that it was so simple to setup an online shop. I got a good selection of designs related to my industry and I could customize the website with all the features I required. My customers have always given good feedback regarding seamless experience shopping on my website. It has become easier for me to just grow my core business without going through the technicalities of managing my online store.

    Sonakshi Sharma
  • "My online store works seamlessly and the customer support is great"

    getUstore has been my saviour in more ways than one. My website design earlier with a different host was very poor and it was getting very time consuming and expensive to maintain my ecommerce clothing store. I then migrated to getUstore and I have been relieved myself from all the unnecessary hassles. The website looks amazing now and I do not have to worry about any technicalities which was very daunting for me earlier. The online store works seamlessly and the customer support is also great. I have added a lot of features to my website which were very expensive to acquire earlier but now all covered under my package.

    Manoj Agarwal
  • "getUstore is a comprehensive online shop builder and I highly recommend it"

    I have been working from home from a couple of years and wanted to grow my business but I had no idea how to go about it. Hiring a designer meant getting involved in so many aspects for which I absolutely had no time. I came across getUstore and it the process looked simple. I had a look at many other ecommerce website builders but finally went for getUstore. It was as simple as it looked. I had my website domain and I got my online shop running in no time. My website looks amazing and I like exploring all the features in my package. My business has grown since the launch of website as I get to integrate it with social media platforms as well. I have my logistics sorted which was a major concern earlier. It all seems to fit together with getUstore.

    Rahul Jain

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