Celebration Of Kite Festival At getUstore

Celebration Of Kite Festival At getUstore

Kite Festival or Uttarayan is one of the most grand festivals for people who follow Hinduism, dedicated to the deity Surya. Everyone, from kids to elders, is filled with energy, this day, & loves to fly kites and eat sweets, especially made for Uttarayan.

The team of getUstore was filled with the same adrenaline on this auspicious festival. Upon entering the office, everyone got happy seeing the elegant decoration. HR department announced a traditional-wear theme the previous day, which added the needed spark to the occasion.

Everyone resonated with a delightful vibe, making the ambience even more delightful. The team also took an oath to only use Indian Manjha to fly kites, in respect to save innocent birds from grievous injuries.

Just like Uttarayan, we are keen to make your business grow online with our innovative platform, getUstore. So, what are you waiting for? Select our plan and utilize the best online store builder to create a successful online business.

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