Online Stores Make A Hit During COVID-19 Pandemic Unlike Brick & Mortar Businesses

Online Stores Make A Hit During COVID-19 Pandemic Unlike Brick & Mortar Businesses

COVID-19 has spread all over the world affecting millions of people, forcing the governments of many nations to enforce lockdown as a precautionary & preventive measure.

Amid this chaos, businesses have been affected hard. Many of these businesses suffered huge losses, and some even had to lay-off their employees and shut down their shutters.

It became so difficult for many to manage their businesses that shutting them off seemed more viable than sustaining them through the crisis.

While some businesses were closing down or laying off their employees, some business owners were quick enough to think of innovative ideas to keep their business afloat. They thought of taking their businesses online and approached getUstore for quick creation of online stores.

getUstore helped 150+ businesses to open their online e-commerce website. These owners successfully established their businesses online with the help of our robust system & dedicated staff who guided & helped them on every step in the process of creation of stores.


How getUstore Helped?

getUstore is an online platform that allows you to create your online store in 5 minutes and in 3 easy steps. The platform has hundreds of designs and innovative business features you can ever think of to make a successful online business. Our staff helped them with their questions and made sure that they could easily customize their stores as per their branding and the needs of industry. This included customizing the store’s design & making it highly responsive, building an attractive logo, setting up payment methods, adding multiple products, adding information pages, and a lot more.


What Are Business Owners Saying About getUstore?

We asked our recent customers about their experience with getUstore and this is what they said:

“getUstore saved my business from insolvency. I’m glad I found it before shutting down my business” – Rakesh Sharma

“My business was on the verge of huge losses but getUstore’s team worked hard to get my business online. This has helped it sustain throughout May & I’ve seen green points in the expense sheet.” – Viraj Shah

“To be honest, getUstore helped me to keep my shop open for business even during this pandemic. My business had hit an all-time low but after opening an online store with getUstore, it has improved.” – Rajat Shinde


To Conclude

We have always strived to offer the best services to our customers & have helped them improve their online sales. And during this pandemic, we are working even harder to offer you much more – sustainability through the crisis.

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