7 Ways That Makes Your Online Store A Money Machine

By investing some uninterrupted planning & time to your online store, marketing, product line & audience, you can learn how to make your online store a money machine to generate revenue & keep people coming back.

To get you started with this, here are a few of our suggestions.

1. Sell Niche Products

You should not be selling the same products that are sold by 10 different retailers. To make your products & store stand out, you should target niche audience.

A niche audience would pay twice the product price, if you offer something extraordinary. For example: A store selling of scented candles would earn more than a store selling normal candles. This is one idea, there would be many, based upon your creativity.

2. Upgrade Customer Service Quality

In the online world, to provide a satisfying customer services to netizen is the most ignored thing. Most companies don’t respond to emails, calls, wrong products delivered, poor packaging, failing to meet delivery deadline, & the list never ends. A well treated customer will bring 3 new customers.

3. Bundle Up Products

This is the best way to sell out least popular products, or the products which brings no sale with the most bought products or else you can let the customer choose & bundle up the products of their choice. This practice will help you get rid of the products quickly, bring more sales & make some space in your inventory.

4. Develop Upgraded Versions of Same Product

Suppose you are selling photo frames, fridge magnets, pop-sockets & mobile cover from your online store.

What would happen if you upgrade the frames’ color with some funny quote saying, “cute face here”? Or a mobile cover with a famous movie’s dialogue? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? You’re still going to sell photo frames & mobile cover but now an upgraded ones. Likewise, there are endless possibilities to be creative, go after them.

5. Reach Out Loyal Customers

You should surely spend time & resources to bring new customers but, you should always keep your loyal customers happy. Recurring clients bring half of total revenue, that’s a huge contribution. Build relationships, send them mails of new offers, be personal by sending them greetings on birthdays & anniversaries, offer discounted coupons, go the extra mile to meet their needs.

6. Stop Forcing Customers to Sign-up Before A Purchase

According to a survey, customers do not proceed further just because the online store asks them to sign-up before making a purchase. Most of the customers do not like creating an account for just one purchase. Your purpose should be to increase sales & not your customers list. A simple solution to this is to have a guest checkout option.

7. Manage Shipping Cost

A survey reveals, users abandon their shopping cart once they know about the shipping charges. It is a good practice to let your customer know about the shipping charges early during the purchase process.

In case, you’re offering a free shipping, highlight it at more than three places on your website – Homepage, product page & checkout page. Most of the users add more products to the cart if offered free shipping.

In an online & especially ecommerce world, it’s all about smoothing your customers’ online experience, now you’ve seven ways to do it. Incorporate these 7 ways in your online store & let your online store generate greater revenue for your business.

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