eCommerce Store: Create Your Own In 3 Easy Steps With eStore Builder!

An online store builder helps you build an eCommerce store the most natural way without taking recourse of any coding skills, advanced technological prowess, or least of all a multitude of computer screens. All that is needed is a single computer and a bright business idea.

Developing an online commerce store is the easiest way to make some additional bucks along the way. It does not require investing money or time or technical know-how to start an online store. With a 17.3% sales projected for eCommerce online stores and online shopping growing at an astounding 13.5% Y on Y growth, one cannot be derided for jumping on to the bandwagon and building an online eCommerce store for himself.

eCommerce platforms are the easiest way to build an online shopping store without any fuss. getUstore could be your chosen platform to successfully establish an eCommerce site and in order to accomplish that, here are three steps to follow.

1. Once you have decided on getUstore as your trendy store builder, get going with the perfect plan. One that comes with Android and iOS as paid addons and the perfect fit for any type of business you desire to venture.

2. Choose a design or template from a multitude of designs and there are 500+ designs to choose from, each for every category and industry that comes to mind. You are presented with custom designs that give a tailor-made impression suitable for every website. You are spared the trouble of changing fonts, styles, color schemes, images and it features the impeccable impressions that are in the template. Embedded apps available in the app market are also covered in getUStore builder.

3. This topic also gives you a peep into the kind of website you are searching for. For eg: These three questions are self-explanatory:

    • What are the features you are looking for in your ecommerce store?
    • What style of homepage do you want?
    • How would you want your customers to move around your store?


Imagine the kind of features that you would like to have in your web page. Would you be interested in maps, galleries or some fun-loving intuitive videos to describe your web page. Some templates come with more features than you would like to be displayed. One can close the gap between features that are filtered and come to rest on a nest template or design.

Surprise of the month! The grand finale of logging onto getUstore for building your eCommerce store comes free for 21 days!! You will have a management panel to customize your store, add text and images in various pages, configure payment gateways and delivery methods. You are now keen and ready to start conducting business and willing to accept orders.

Wrapping Up:

Design the kind of homepage you are eyeing wide-eyed, with new customers taking an instant affinity to your website. The homepage should give a glimpse of exactly the business you are chasing. At times, a home page should compulsorily offer a template with an immersive design and an integrated navigation bar that ideally guides the customers around the website without any notorious pitfalls. This comes across as a sure-fire winner!

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