Important 3 sections you must have in your ecommerce website – Featured products / Best Selling Products / New Arivals

The eCommerce sector was significantly impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, making people move their businesses online. The approach has become normal as more businesses move online to meet customers’ needs on a larger scale.

The digital market will have generated nearly 49 trillion US dollars globally in 2021 alone. Therefore, if your business is offline, it is best to do something about it now. The digital home of every good business is its website, which allows business owners to reach their target audience and offer the best products and services. Some must-have features can help you stand out in eCommerce, as seen here:

What Are Featured Products, Exactly?

Your featured e-commerce products include brand-new products, well-reviewed products, and best-selling products that you can show your online consumers on your website. You can access these products from your online store and add them to your web page.

You can also benefit from adding specialized features to your web page as follows:

  • Customers shopping on your page will not go through the stress of checking each menu to select a feature.
  • Customers who have already shopped from your store can find the features they missed on another occasion.
  • New customers can have clarity about the products and services you offer as soon as they click to explore your page.

What Are the Basic E-commerce Features?

A typical and functional online business page must have featured products, segments for new arrivals, and best-selling items. Once anyone visits your site, they first check out your features on your About Us page to see if you have what it takes to meet their peculiar needs.

You must have the following features to stay on top of the game:

1.User-Friendly Web Design

Nowadays, online consumers use mobile devices in almost every aspect of their lives. With their mobile phones, they can easily shop for any products they want through a simple search and click. You do not have to keep expecting offline purchases when the new system is more comfortable and straightforward. Customers can even remove or add items to the cart without any hassle. Therefore, you must create a responsive, mobile-friendly website to meet their needs.

2.Responsive Navigation

Visitors love to see the best features when they explore a new website. They can check you out through your website navigation. You must create an easy-to-use page and list your products and services so everyone can understand. If your page is easy to navigate, visitors can go straight to what they need, such as purchases, customer service, additional information, and more.

3.Functional and Multiple Security Features

Businesses that need to prepare better with the right security tools can be at risk of cyberattacks. Technology will continually advance, and cybercriminals will take advantage of vulnerable data to cause long-lasting damage to carefree businesses. You can avoid security breaches if your team is tech-ready with security tactics to deal with cybercrime.

Security features are a must-have if you want to maintain an excellent eCommerce website. There are several security procedures, such as virtual private networks or VPNs, that you can use to protect your sensitive data online. Your functional security features should be your first line of defense against cyber attacks and malware, which can cause many issues on any business website.

4.Checkout Buttons and Shopping Carts

Checkout Buttons and Shopping Carts

One of the primary purposes of having an eCommerce website is to have more people invest in your products. Therefore, customers will expect you to have efficient features such as easy-to-navigate checkout and shopping carts, reliable payment options, excellent customer service, and perfect options for previewing your order before paying for any purchase.

5.High-quality Videos and Images

One of the first things that attract people to your website is the quality of your display. Whether it is a short video or a picture of your products, you can have massive attention if you display them in good quality. Your potential customer can buy your product if it has an excellent visual representation.

6.Product Reviews

Product Reviews

You can categorize this feature under best-selling products because customers will, first of all, ask to know about a product before purchasing it. Older customers can leave star ratings and have a lot to say about your products and services on your review pages. Your review features must provide a safe and straightforward way for people to provide feedback about your company. It must be visible to your online consumers and cited at the lower-bottom corner of your product listing.

7.Customer Support

Customer support features are essential in a booming eCommerce industry as they focus on customer satisfaction and experience. Every online business needs a superb customer service platform that can answer queries around the clock. In today’s world, where there are multiple advanced technologies, online businesses can efficiently utilize functions like chatbots for their customer service. If the chatbots are AI-driven, they can be easy to use, efficient, and less time-consuming when treating customers’ queries.

8.Return Policy

A return policy is an important feature when dealing with an online audience. Some customers will look for such features while surfing your business page; it can give them an idea about your terms if something suddenly goes wrong. Adding return, exchange, and replacement policy features show that you know what you are doing and that your customers can depend on or trust you.

On your website, customers must easily find your return policy. You can add the feature in the section where you also have Frequently Asked Questions or at checkout. If you add the features to the existing space, your customers can see information about the return policy before making payment for their purchases.


One of the best ways to grow a business is through e-commerce platforms. However, you must design your website in such a way that it attracts people to patronize you by including features that promote new products, featured products, and the best sales. Make sure the features are easy to access and use.

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