Online Store Builders Have Changed The Way Online Stores Are Created!

Traditional website builders never provided extensive features that the lastest online store builders are providing.

The traditional approach didn’t have the option of SEO optimization and editing product pages were extremely difficult. Even after using multiple online platforms, the goals of achieving a good e-commerce store could not be accomplished. Online store builders have really simplified the way online stores are created and also how they are managed.

Online Store Builders provide easy access to the most prominent features such as secure payment methods, setting up shopping carts, easy checkout – shipping, mobile-responsive templates, integrated SEO tools, and generating invoices and reminder of abandoned carts.

The way in which Online Store Builders have transformed the online stores is remarkable.

Online Store Builder Provide Efficient Testing:

It is not just important to create a fully functional e-commerce website but testing is an essential part as well. Online store builders help you to perform various tests to find what customers would like and eliminate what the customers do not like. The testing process will help you to identify the loopholes in payment methods, marketing funnels, and product listing, and CRM (customer relationship management system). These features are very fundamental in deciding the success of the conversion cycle. E-commerce builders like getUStore, helps you to test multiple product pages.

Integration Of SEO Tools:

SEO setting is one of the most important aspects of any online store builder. It provides a guarantee to the website that it will be indexed by various search engines and the results would be visible through the SERP – search engine result pages. Apart from the native SEO tools, Online store builders enable websites to integrate plenty of SEO application builts specifically for SEO optimization. Moreover, you can easily edit the Alt text, Meta Description, and Title of the products and webpages in order to get picked up by search engine bots.

Use Of Mobile Responsive Templates:

Having a mobile responsive version for an e-commerce website is quite essential. Almost 60 to 70% customers always prefer to do online shopping through mobile. Online store builders provide you access to the mobile responsive templates (sometimes with available stock images). This feature of an online store builder has made it simple and convenient to edit the store in an efficient manner.

Integrated CMS For E-Commerce Websites:

Online store builders will help you have full control over the Content Management System of your website. You can easily navigate, adjust the site content and images as per your preferences. In addition to this, you can easily avoid using expensive development and designing tools.

Products And Order Management:

Order management is considered to be the most important aspect of any e-commerce website. Therefore it is very important that Online Store Builders provide assistance to the e-commerce websites that help in saving time. Additionally, product management has streamlined the product visibility and inventory management of the e-commerce website that was not approached by the traditional website builders.


Not only this, but it is also possible to add blog content, promotional codes or discount coupons, analyzing metrics with integrated Google Analytics, and running ad campaigns. Online store builders have brought e-commerce stores a long way. You can have access to all the features provided by the online store builder and also control various aspects of it.

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