Why Is Blogging A Must For Your E-commerce Business – Top 10 Reasons

The E-commerce industry has been growing at a faster pace. Nowadays you would come across millions of online stores providing everything – right from toys, clothes, jewelry, and all the other things that you can think of. It has made it very convenient for people to shop for anything and at a reasonable price by sitting in the comfort of their homes. But the competition is rising among various e-commerce stores and every businessman keeps thinking about how to increase the website traffic and keep the customer engaged with their products and services. Can you guess what could be the best way to do it? Blogging!

Well, there are a multitude of reasons why blogging is essential for an e-commerce business. Let’s check them out one by one.

#1 Blogs Help In Improving The Traffic Of The E-commerce Website

In order to bring in more and more traffic to the website, you would be employing many tactics. Out of all the best and effective ones would be to introduce blogging. By adding a dynamic blog page to your e-commerce site and keeping it updated will drastically increase the amount of content your website contains. The best part is, it does not require any huge investment. The more content you add to the blogs, the more pages would be indexed by the search engine bots. This in turn will help you to drive more prospective visitors to the website. You are not spending on paid marketing or paid search traffic. Everything you gain is organic.

#2 You Can Increase The Backlinks Of The Website

When the search engine bots keep increasing the indexed pages, it will boost the backlinks for the website by generating better results on search engines. As the number of pages on the website increases, it will have a great impact on the internal as well as external backlinks. By adding a small button on the blog page will enable any user to share the blog and hence increase the backlinks for the website’s home page.

#3 Blogs Will Help In Generating High Quality Leads For The Business

Besides getting traffic for the website, increasing leads is one of the most important business targets. When you keep creating new and high quality and effective blogs for any e-commerce websites, it will invite more leads and queries. Ultimately, you can follow up with these leads and turn your leads into potential customers for your business.

#4 It Will Boost The Brand Reputation

There are many e-commerce industries that do have blogs but have not utilized it effectively. You can make use of blogging to brand the business in front of their target audience and build a reputation in the market. Your blog can contain various tips and tricks that your target audience is searching for or something latest in the industry or sales information, for branding purposes. Your post should be valuable to your audience.

#5 Blogs Are The Best Way To Keep Your Audience Engaged

If you do not have blogs, the customers would just visit the product pages and leave. You can use blogs to keep your visitors engaged on an ongoing basis. For instance, if your website is providing all the cosmetic items then your blog can share information on how to use the products. How to be stylish by making use of those products and what skin type would be suitable for each and every product. Or if the website is selling some weightloss products then you can tell your audience about the success stories of the customers.

#6 Blogs Can Be Used For Making Announcement Or Sharing The Business Stories

A blog is a place where your visitors would love to spend time if they find the content interesting. You can make use of blogs to make big announcements. For instance:

  • If your business is planning to put up a festival sale or provide coupons to the customers.
  • If the business has made 100+ loyal customers
  • If the e-commerce business has planned to celebrate the anniversary with the customers by providing them goodies.
  • If your business is launching a new product.
  • If there is an upcoming competition where you wish your customers to participate.

#7 With The Help Of Blogs You Can Boost Website Conversion

You might be thinking that your e-commerce blog is only helpful in building search traffic and driving customers to the website. But no! With the help of blogs you can increase conversions and boost business sales too. In this way, your blog will make your business experience an increase in credibility. Moreover, it will act as a source of bringing in more customers as they find your brand trustworthy and reliable.

#8 Blogs Helps In Boosting Social Media Efforts

Well, whenever you create a blog post and publish it, you get a unique URL. You can embed this URL in various social media posts. It will be a link back to other social media posts and also boost your social media marketing efforts. You can even add a small share button to the blogs that can be shared with various other platforms and not just one. It will wider the reach of the target audience through social media platforms.
Besides this, you can add social media sharing button on the blogs as it will further help you achieve more fans and followers.

#9 The Blog Section OF Your E-commerce Website Can Act As A Free Marketing Platform

If you are spending a lot on marketing tactics, you hold on a few days. Instead, utilize the blog section of the website to promote your products and services. Within no time, you could see there is an increase in the website traffic as well as the sales conversion cycle. In the blog section, you can not only put up promotion content but also posters, and infographics. In addition, you can share images of the new products or popular products, discounted products, etc. You do not have to spend a single penny when you use blogs as your effective marketing tool.

#10 Blogs Help You Create Online Community

If you want to connect all your customers through your products and services you can allow comments on blog posts. When the customers or readers can share their views through the blogs they feel a part of your business. You can respond to all the comments of the readers and customers in order to build a strong online community. The customers would bee more close to the brand when they feel that their opinions matter to you.


So by now, you might have understood the significance of blogging for an e-commerce website. Moreover, you could analyze how each blog could have a great impact on all aspects of the e-commerce business. These 10 reasons are extremely noteworthy in recognizing the true value of blogging for a business website.

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